5 Tips for Marketing Your Personal Training Business

Becoming a renowned personal trainer is next to impossible to do without marketing yourself. Even the best fitness trainers must constantly market their services in order to attract new clients. Your efforts can be much more effective when you know about these five tips.

5 tips for marketing your personal training business

1. Your Own Personal Website and Blog

When prospective clients want to find out about you, the first place they will head is online. As such, a major part of personal trainer management should be developing your own unique website and blog. Your website can be used to highlight your skills and experience, while your blog can help you establish yourself as a fitness authority. Make your site easy to navigate, and don’t forget to provide a way for people to book appointments online as well.

2. Current Clients

There is no better testimony as to the quality of your services than one of your already-satisfied clients. Fitness trainers in general tend to garner a great deal of business through word-of-mouth advertising, so you should take advantage of the opportunity to gain referrals whenever possible. Offer incentives to people who successfully refer others, or have “work out with a friend” days to encourage clients to actively recruit people.

3. Social Media

Social media can be one of the best marketing tools out there, provided you use it correctly. Rather than using social media to advertise your business, post pictures of other people having a great time working out. You could even post before and after photographs of clients so that others can see the type of results they might expect. Have fun and try to build relationships with people, and you’ll be surprised at how effective your marketing efforts will be.

4. Network with Other Professionals

Not only can your clients provide referrals, but other professionals such as doctors and real estate agents can also. Realtors can let those who are new to your area know about your services, and doctors can provide your contact information to patients who are trying to lose weight. The topic of personal training could easily come up in conversation, which is why you should ask people who run coffee shops, hair salons or day spas to mention your name to people who are talking about fitness.

5. Outreach Events

Network with members of your local Chamber of Commerce to find out opportunities to get the word out about your services. For example, you could attend the grand opening of a gym or weight loss center to meet new clients. Attending health and wellness expos and seminars would be another way to attract people. These networking opportunities are likely to be very effective, since the people attending them likely want to improve their health and get fit anyway.

These five marketing tips will help you continue to attract new clients so you can thrive as a personal trainer. Continuing to use them increases the odds that your services will be highly sought after by others in the future.

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