5 HIIT Workouts Your Clients Have Never Seen Before

Let’s face it; workouts can get boring pretty quickly. This even applies to HIIT. Doing the same HIIT workout plan over and over again won't be enjoyable for your clients, and can kill their motivation to keep coming back for more.

HIIT Workouts

That's why I want to share with you 5 HIIT workouts that will likely be a first for your clients. Not only are these HIIT workouts challenging and effective, but they’re also extremely fun to do. 

1. Boxing HIIT Circuit

Boxing is a great form of cardio as it builds limb speed, arm strength, and stamina. This workout will combine a few boxing moves performed in a high-intensity interval training manner to push your client to their limits.

Perform the following moves for 30 seconds maximum, at an all-out intensity, and go through each move consecutively without rest.

After performing all the moves, actively rest by walking around for 60-90 seconds before starting the circuit again. Perform the circuit 4-6 times, depending on your client’s fitness level

The Circuit:

  • Alternating left/right jab cross
  • Alternating left/right hook
  • Freestyle (combine any moves you want and go all out for 30 seconds!)
  • Jump rope or burpees


Jab cross: Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands up at head level. The first punch with your front arm is the “jab” and the second punch with your back arm is the “cross”. Make sure to rotate your hips and pivot your toes as you punch to generate more power.

Hook punch: Swing your arm towards the bag with your elbow kept up at shoulder level. Rotate your body and pivot your corresponding foot as you swing the hook punch.

2. TRX HIIT Workout

This workout involves the popular TRX suspension trainer. This is great for clients who are looking to try something new or for clients that you don’t train in a gym.

There will be 6 exercises to go through consecutively without rest. Keep the intensity high throughout each movement. After all of the 6 exercises are completed, have your client rest for 60-90 seconds and then repeat the circuit 4-6 more times.

The Circuit:

  • Jump squats (15 reps)
  • Back rows (15 reps)
  • Left single leg squats (10 reps)
  • Right single leg squats (10 reps)
  • Mountain climbers (30 seconds)
  • Plank (60 seconds)


Jump squats: Stand shoulder-width apart and stand far enough away so that there is tension in the straps when you hold the handles. Keeping the handles in place, squat down and jump up on your way back up. When you land, go into the squat right away and repeat the movement mentioned above.

Back rows: Keep your feet together and hold the handles. While keeping your arms straight, walk your feet forward until there is tension in the straps. Pull yourself up by retracting your shoulder blades back and down. Keep your core tight and a neutral back throughout the movement. If it’s too easy, move the feet a bit further forward.

Single leg squats: Get in a similar position as you did in the jump squats. However, this time, anchor one foot on the ground and raise the other foot straight out in front of your body with your knee straight. While keeping tension on the straps, bend your knees down and your hips back into a squat position. Keep your heel on the ground and your knees above your ankle. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Mountain climbers: Put your feet into the TRX handles and keep crawling forward so that you’re on your hands and feet with a neutral back. Alternate between bringing your left and right knee to your chest as fast as you can while maintaining a straight back.

Plank: Get into the same position as in the mountain climbers and stay in the starting position. If that’s too easy, get down onto your forearms instead of on your hands.

3. Weighted Stair Climber Intervals

This one is one of my favourite workouts. It’s a brutal exercise, yet it's a fun way to get your clients out of their usual routine and out of their comfort zone.

Stair-climbing might feel like this in the moment, but your clients will thank you for it when they start seeing quick results!

If you have a flight of stairs in your gym you can use that; otherwise, I suggest using a Stair Master machine or something similar. Have your client carry a sandbag on their shoulders while performing a stair climb. If you have a flight of stairs in your gym, your client can walk/run up and down the stairs as many times as they can within 30 seconds. Then, they can take a 90-second rest before repeating this for 15-20 minutes.

If you need to use a Stair Master machine, your client can still keep the sandbag on their shoulders and use the machine at a fast pace for 30 seconds, then rest for 90 seconds, and repeat for 15-20 minutes.

4. Dumbbell HIIT Circuit

This HIIT routine involves a pair of dumbbells that will be used for each exercise. It’s a great way to combine weight training and cardio into a single routine. Just be sure to pick a weight that is appropriate for your client’s fitness level.

Go through the following exercises consecutively with no rest. Once the circuit is complete, rest for 90 seconds before starting the circuit again. Repeat the circuit 4-6 times.

The Circuit:

  • Clean and press (15 reps)
  • Renegade row (10 reps)
  • Lunges with bicep curls (10 reps)
  • Weighted burpees (10 reps)
  • Lunge and press (10 reps)


Clean and press: Squat down with the dumbbells by your side, then using the power of your legs lift them over your head on the way up.

Renegade row: Get into a pushup position with a dumbbell in each hand. Keep your core tight and pull one dumbbell to your side then back down. Alternate arms and repeat.

Lunge with bicep curl: Perform an alternating lunge with dumbbells in hand. Perform a bicep curl with both arms when you reach the bottom of the lunge position.

Weighted burpees: Simply keep the dumbbells in your hands as you perform a regular burpee. But when you jump up, don’t raise your hands over your head, simply keep your arms down by your side.

Lunge and press: Same idea as the lunge with bicep curl. Instead, press both dumbbells over your head when you reach the bottom position of the lunge.

5. Total Bodyweight HIIT Circuit

This is a simple yet very effective workout that requires zero equipment. Go through the following exercises consecutively with no rest. Take a 90-second rest after completing the circuit, and then repeat for 4-6 rounds. Perform each exercise with maximal intensity.

The Circuit:

  • Squat jumps (30 seconds)
  • Close grip push-ups (30 seconds)
  • Alternating lunge jumps (30 seconds)
  • Front plank (30-60 seconds depending on your client’s ability)
  • Burpees (30 seonds)


Alternating lunge jumps: Perform a regular lunge, but on your way up, jump and switch your legs in the air to prepare for the next lunge.

There you go!

You've now got 5 new HIIT workouts you can try out with your clients. Hopefully, these workouts will help change up your client’s current routine and boost their motivation. Feel free to change up the reps, as well as work and rest interval times to better fit your client’s routine.

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