117 Email Subject Lines for Online Personal Trainers [That Will Get Your Emails Opened]

Email marketing is a MUST for any personal trainer who wants to grow their online business.

Yes, establishing a presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and all the other social media platforms can help, but email is one form of digital communication that has stood the test of time, and it's not going anywhere any time soon.

People email for their own personal use and they use it for business. That's why statistics show that 333 BILLION emails will be sent each and every day by the year 2020. No, email marketing is not going away.

Email subject lines

It's obvious that email is a powerful way to connect with your clients and prospects, but in a world where there are billions of emails sent each day, how can you make sure yours get opened and read?

Why Your Email Subject Line Is Absolutely Critical

Many personal trainers I speak with are worried about what content to send in their emails:

  • Should I sent a monthly fitness newsletter?
  • Should I send the same stuff I post on social media?
  • Should I sell my coaching services through my emails?
  • Should I send different emails to prospects vs. buyers?

These aren't bad questions, but none of them are the MOST IMPORTANT question you need to be asking. The most important question is simple:

Are your emails getting an acceptable (and eventually an awesome) OPEN RATE?

Your open rate is simply the percentage of your email list who actually opens the emails you send.

If people aren't even opening your emails, the content within those emails doesn't matter. That's why you need to focus on your open rate, and then perfect your content and your call-to-actions.

The #1 factor dictating whether or not your emails get opened is your subject line. A good subject line can mean the difference between having 5-10% of recipients opening your email and 30%, 40%, even 50% or more opening it.

Understanding how to write captivating email subject lines is crucial.

What You Stand to Gain (or Lose) with Your Email Subject Lines

When I first began building my email list, I had 8 subscribers. Yes, eight. They were my current one-on-one personal training clients.

Back then, my open rate didn't matter as much. Having a 30% open rate versus a 50% open rate wasn't going to earn or lose me thousands of dollars. But, that has changed...

I focused on growing my list and soon it hit 100 people, then 1,000, then 10,000, and now I have over 30,000 subscribers. Every open rate percentage point matters.

For example, say you have 100 people on your email list and you send a series of sales emails to get people to join your new $200 online fat-loss program. If your offer is positioned correctly, you might get 30% of people to buy once they learn the details of your program.

Now, if you have a poor open rate of 10%, that means you'll earn roughly $600. However, if you nailed down a good subject line for your emails, your open rate could easily hit 40% and you'd come away with $2,400.

That's real money being left on the table if people don't open your emails!

Email marketing ROI

As shown in the graphic above, when done well, the return on investment for email marketing far surpasses all other forms of online promotion you can do. BUT, this all hinges on having enticing email subject lines that get your message read.

117 Email Subject Lines for Online Personal Trainers (That Will Get Your Emails Opened)

The following list of 117 email subject lines is yours to use however you like. You can use these subject lines with promotional emails to sell your online fitness products or services. You can use them to nurture your prospects. You can use them to drive traffic to your online content.

Just remember, the subject line should be related to the message within your email. People open an email based on a "promise" you're making in subject line. Once they open that message it's your job to deliver on that promise.

So, don't use the subject line, "Did you forget to register?" to get people to open your email that sends them to your recent blog post. If there's nothing to register for, don't mention registration in your subject line. Be honest. Deliver on your promises.

Take these, tweak them, and make them your own:

  1. Real Quick
  3. I give up
  4. I almost forgot about this
  5. This doesn't happen often
  6. Frankly, I am puzzled
  7. Did you miss this? This is the last time I'll send this
  8. No More Excuses! - TODAY
  9. Only 3 spots left…
  10. Did you forget to register?
  11. IMPORTANT… Link Was Wrong…Use this Link!
  12. Struck a nerve, did I?
  13. Here you go
  14. Your 2nd chance- Y or N?
  15. I never thought I'd do this
  16. Is this real enough?
  17. Close call
  18. Yes, I will do it!
  19. P.S….Warning Warning Warning…!!!
  20. We're about to start without you
  21. I was wrong 🙁
  22. Did you see the video?
  23. [FINAL NOTICE] This is it….
  24. This Could Have Been Prevented
  25. WARNING (bias alert)
  26. I have good news and bad news
  27. Call Me
  28. Re: No Regrets!
  29. FWD:
  30. Absolutely overwhelming
  31. You Are Not Alone
  32. Miss this at your own risk!
  33. I'm very sorry…But you NEED to see this!
  34. People like YOU
  35. We have a secret…..
  36. The "3 Morning' rule
  37. Tick-Tock, TICK-TOCK…Time Is Almost UP!
  38. Your results (DO NOT SHARE)
  39. [NEW VIDEO] "bad" client case study
  40. I need your help (please)
  41. GREAT NEWS ( which keeps getting better)
  42. No Travel Necessary
  43. Yes, I heard you and yes we will do it
  44. DEADLINE = 2 Hours
  45. Oops… Our Mistake
  47. TEST RESULTS (do not share)
  48. Fwd: Waiting for your response
  49. Great video!
  50. I need your help
  52. EVERYONE is talking about…
  53. It Ends Today at 5PM
  54. Bad Timing
  55. TROUBLE (new blog post)
  56. Please don't forget
  57. You're the first to know
  58. Weird stuff that has happened to me
  59. Don't let them HOSE YOU
  60. I didn't believe this until I saw it myself
  61. No one wants to talk about this
  62. Why risk it? Here's a better way
  63. STOP (can 2,000 people be wrong?)
  64. Re: Knock Knock!
  65. One week from today!
  66. This is ridiculous
  67. FYI
  68. test
  69. 30-Day Notice
  70. What ONE Question would you ask me?
  71. Shhhhh… it's a secret sale!
  72. Make a difference
  73. Checkin' in….
  74. A lot has changed
  75. I goofed…
  76. It's not too late
  77. It's decision time
  78. Largest turnout ever
  79. This stuff DOESN'T WORK!
  80. I know it's late…
  81. Going, going, gone!
  82. Almost as good as winning the lottery
  83. She knows her stuff
  84. I'm concerned about you
  85. Call me tomorrow?
  86. Your loyalty is about to pay off
  87. I want to bribe you to try this…
  88. I'm Retiring…
  89. Don't Listen to Me
  90. There is Hope
  91. Huge Price Increase Coming
  92. Can you sneak in? (sold out)
  93. How Aunt Mable Changed My Life
  94. These Techniques Can do Evil…
  95. FW: do you know this?
  96. Crying Like a Baby
  97. Three Wishes…
  98. Our Little Secret 🙂
  99. Illegal?
  100. Can you make a split-second decision?
  101. I Usually Don't Reward Those Who Wait But...
  102. Are you free today at…
  103. I've just about HAD ENOUGH.
  104. Sign up please today
  105. It's Finally Here
  106. Did you get in?
  107. Did you leave a comment?
  108. Costly Mistakes
  109. I have NEVER Shared this... Until Now
  110. Down to the wire
  111. Our best deal of the year
  112. The Result of All This Learning...
  113. Take two minutes to change a life
  114. I will pay you $1,000 to check this out
  115. Here's my phone number
  116. Heads up

And my personal favourite: 

Re: Quick question

Which one of these email subject lines are you going to try first? Tell us in the comments section below.

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