5 Tools for Streamlining Your Online Personal Training Business

As personal trainers, our job calls for us to be in the gym, in homes, and even training clients online. So when you're constantly on the go as we are, online personal training tools will be your best friends.

Tools For Streamlining Your Personal Training Business

Why is that? Because these tools will streamline your business so you can balance the stress and demand of running a successful online business.

5 Online Tools to Streamline Your Personal Training Business

1. Zoom

Calls are the foundation of our business. We use them to book clients and coach them through the duration of our programs. So, it’s very important you have a platform that allows you to do so in a professional and streamlined manner.

If you’re like me, I was tired of typing up notes to clients after coaching calls. Not anymore though; Zoom is a conference-calling platform that allows you to record your video coaching calls and send it directly to your clients.

This cloud-based software is a must have for online trainers. Zoom not only gives you the opportunity to record your 1-2-1 or group coaching calls. You can even record webinars as well.

Screen capture services can be quiet costly. Some services are charging anywhere from $75-150 per month. But Zoom offers these features with its basic free membership.

Recording your high-converting webinars has never been easier. Watch the video below to see how:

2. Evernote

Have you ever been looking for a meal plan you came up with? Lost some notes with your daily tasks? Or have you tried to answer a client question but didn’t have the resources you needed with you?

Then you need Evernote. Evernote is a handy tool to get you organized. It allows you to keep all your documents, pictures, PDFs, etc. in one place.

The reason Evernote is one of my go to tools is for its syncing function. I've saved documents/random notes on my desktops note pad, then I go to retrieve the documents from my phone. But, of course, it's not there.

Evernote effortlessly syncs on all my devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone) with ease.

Evernote online tool

Write notes, clip pages from the web, and record voices messages all in one place

I'm able to add notes, voice recordings, and even pictures to Evernote (saves memory on my phone).

Zoom & Evernote Working Together

I talked earlier about using Zoom to record your webinars. You can use Evernote to create your webinar slides. I find it easier to use Evernote than power point with slide creation.

evernote new note button

1) At the top of the screen. Hit the "New Note" button. Each "new note" is considered a slide. So, feel free to brand with pic, graphs, text, etc.

evernote presentation mode button

2) Once you have finished creating your presentation. Just click on Presentation Mode. Evernote will gather your notes and order them for you to present. And it’s really easy to change the order, delete, or add material to your slides.

Now, you’re ready to hit screen share on Zoom to record that high converting webinar.

Zoom screen share

You can also use Evernote when messaging your clients. I find emailing back and forth can be a headache. Sometimes messages get lost in the shuffle.

With Evernote Work Chat feature, you can send a workout pdf, meal plans, inspiring messages, and even chat. Everything is housed in one place, so there’s no need to search through countless emails anymore.

3. Tube Buddy

Are you using video to brand your business? If not, it’s time to get on it. Video should be your #1 marketing tool when it comes to getting new and existing clients to “Know, Like, and Trust You.”

With video, you are able to showcase your personality, convey emotion and most importantly, convert leads into sales.

With video being the go-to medium for online personal trainers. The question comes, “What do I make a video about?

tube buddy tag explorer

This is where Tube Buddy’s tag explorer comes into play. For example, my niche is Pain Management. Tube Buddy helps me to find highly searched, low competition topics on YouTube (the #2 search engine) to create videos about.

tube buddy seo

It even gives suggested titles to help with SEO ranking in YouTube. As you see, Tube Buddy is an all-in-one software that will give you notoriety for your online personal training business.

4. Square​

If you have an online or mobile business, you need Square. Square is a credit card payment system that allows you to process credit cards anywhere you do business via your smart phone or tablet.

Other payment processing services only allow those with a business license to make use of mobile payment services like this, leaving many independent contractors (like us) in the dust.

Square is made for every type of business (even retail stores) to process payments with ease and without heavy processing fees.

Square card swipe
Square, really saved me so much time and frustration when trying to collect payments from clients. I got tired of sending PayPal invoices and clients saying, “I never got it!”

With Square’s mega strip reader it makes taking Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover a breeze.

Square signature

It even has a cool feature that allows your clients to sign using their finger (I swear your clients will think it’s the coolest thing ever) and even emails the receipt.

If you are a trainer who sells supplements or workout equipment, you can create an online store in the Square market place to sell merchandise.

Create a tab on your website's home page that leads customers to your Square store to fully monetize your site. It’s truly a must-have.

5. ​Youcanbook.me

Do you spend too much time going back and forth trying to schedule an appointment with clients? Just send them your youcanbook.me link.

youcanbook.me personal training tool

Youcanbook.me is a scheduling system that works in conjunction with your Google calendar. When you send your scheduling link to your client, they’re able to schedule accordingly with your availability.

Via this link, your client is able to schedule or reschedule with ease, and it’s automatically updated in your calendar.

Your client will even receive reminders about the appointment.

I use my Youcanbook.me link on my website’s About Me page. Once they find out how I can help, they immediately schedule a complimentary consultation. I’m able to get more people on the phone and less random email requests.

Online Personal Training Tools Make Your Business Better

Having an online business is truly amazing. You’re able to reach so many different people in different places, and it gives you the freedom we all desire. I mean, that’s the reason we got into this business, right?

Using these tools can make it easier for you to run your online business so you can focus more on being the personal trainer and expanding your reach to help those in need of your services.

Which online tools do you need? Let us know in the comments and share these tools with other PTs!​

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