2 Evergreen Remarketing Funnels to Automate Your Fitness Business

There’s no doubt as a personal trainer in 2018 you’ve looked at ways to scale your business and bring in revenue via online sales.

You may be selling an e-book, or promoting your content to the local area with the aim of bringing in new customers via valuable content.

Whatever it is, you’re getting visitors to your site and around 99% of them do not convert. Am I right?

Evergreen Remarketing Funnels

The average e-commerce conversion rate is 2-3%. That means 97% of visitors do not buy.

For personal training it could be even less because "fitness" is a harder sell. You need to convince your visitors a whole lot more before they're going to pull the trigger and buy from you.

Fight back against low website sales conversion rates!

Regardless, remarketing is a valuable tool to use that can clawback sales from warm leads and it may be the automated system you’ve been looking for.

You’re offering a service or product that can change someone's life, so don’t let them only see you once! Make sure you show up in strategic ways to ensure you get the sale and get the chance of helping people.

When it comes down to it, personal training changes lives. It’s more than just a product. Keep that in mind when you’re doing your marketing. By targeting your prospects repeatedly, you're actually doing them a favour IF you believe that you can actually help them.

You can help them, right?!

So, what kind of remarketing should you do? Or a better question, what kind of remarketing WORKS?

Luckily for you, I’ve got just the 2 systems that will help bring in sales for you, fully automated:

Remarketing Tactic #1: Use Abandoned Cart Emails

You can recoup around 1 out of 3 of your abandoned carts by having a simple abandoned cart email sequence in place.

Don’t believe me? A recent marketing study showed that a simple email with a promotional offer can claw back 35% of abandoned carts.

Imagine that!

All automated and easy to set up. Let’s go through how.

First you’ll need to set-up your email software with your website. For this example I’ll be using WooCommerce and Klaviyo, but you can make this work with pretty much any shopping cart and email autoresponder.

Step 1: Download the Klaviyo WordPress Plugin (you can follow the steps there, let’s save time with this guide).

Step 2: Sync the plugin with your Klaviyo email account.

Step 3: Head to Klaviyo and make sure the integration is working (you can find their guides here).

Step 4: Head to “flows” in Klaviyo.

Once on the screen above, head to step 2: Abandoned Cart.

The best thing about Klaviyo? Once it syncs with your store, it automatically generates flows you can use out of the box. Super simple. No technical skills required.

Step 5: Edit the Abandoned Cart flow.

It looks like this. I’ve added a second step after the first email. Simple drag and drop editor.

Step 6: Edit abandoned cart email.

Above is the abandoned cart email you’d get from Rugby Warfare.

The blank space would show the products in their cart and the “return to cart button” simply takes them back to the cart page so they can checkout, simple!

Step 7: Make sure it’s live!

Once live, you can sit back and know that if anyone adds something to their cart but doesn’t check-out, they’ll get an email sequence to bring them back.

You can edit the wording of the email to your desire or even add a 10% off coupon. If you do any online shopping yourself, you've likely had this happen to you as the consumer - did it work? Did a special deal get you to revisit your abandoned cart?

So, you’ve got the abandoned cart net set up, now it’s time to head to Facebook and make sure you’ve got a solid remarketing campaign set up there.

Remarketing Tactic #2: Implement Tiered Facebook Remarketing

Before I get into the details of this highly valuable tactic, you need to understand that communications to your customers will VARY depending on their awareness of your product.

Most marketing “experts” will tell you that your website visitors should be considered “Warm” traffic leads.

This is bull.

How many websites have you been on without the thought of making a purchase even crossing your mind?

Yeah, countless.

Getting website visitors is a start, but they need more information before they are truly "warm" leads.

That's why your first Facebook remarketing segment will be your website visitors who HAVEN’T added a product to cart, initiated checkout or purchased. Luckily, Facebook is an unbelievable tool that lets you exclude any of the above from your audience.

I assume you have a Facebook ads account set up or fan page to enable this. If not, please set one up, this guide is useful.

Once set up, you’ll need to create a custom audience, which is super easy. Follow the below steps.

Step 1: Go to ads manager then audiences.

Step 2: Create a custom audience

Step 3: Click “website traffic” from the below box

Step 4: Include all website visitors from the last 7 days, but exclude both "add-to-cart last 14 days" and "initiate checkout last 28 days."

Remember, you don’t want to show the same remarketing message to website visitors as you do to visitors who added something to their cart or initiated checkout. Those last 2 groups are gold because they've shown purchase intent, so you need to treat them with care.

Step 5: Create audience and give it a few hours to go live.

Before you go and create an ad, I need you to create 2 more new audiences:

Audience 2: Everyone that’s added to cart in the last 14 days but EXCLUDE initiate checkouts last 28 days.

Audience 3: Everyone that’s initiated checkout last 28 days but EXCLUDE purchases last 30 days.

Why do it this way?

It’s simple...

Regular website traffic needs more warming up. You need to give these visitors more value or more reasons to check out your training plans or personal training deals.

If they’ve added to cart but didn’t go to checkout, these visitors are still golden, but not as gold as those who went all the way to initiate checkout. Add-to-cart visitors might need a little more work than the initiate checkouts.

This is why we create 3 groups, we create 3 separate messages/offers for them. Let’s take a look at what I do with Rugby Warfare:

Website Visitors 7 Days

In the ad for this traffic I use more text to explain what the Rugby Warfare brand is all about. I also show them a carousel of the top products worn by professional players from the rugby industry.

My goal is to help give the brand more authority and to lead to the visitors to check out my top products as worn by the pros.

What could you do?

Try showing an ad with your best case studies, transformations, or testimonials. Show them the results you’ve helped clients achieve.

Don’t try to sell yet. Just tell them what you do, show your best results and get them to read. You then add a call-to-action at the end of the case studies to your online plans or personal training sessions.

Add To Cart 14 Days 

These visitors are nearly there, they need a nudge to buy. What could you offer them to get them over the fence?

For me, I simply offer them a free Journal if they order within 48 hours. The results?

Yep, that’s £0.5 per conversion (+ the cost of the journal which is minimal). This saves me 19 sales per month from add-to-cart people.

My average order value is £52 so this brings in £988 a month on autopilot.

This will work with ebooks, 12-week workout plans or special personal training packages. Think of something of value you can add for cheap that makes the offer more enticing.

Initiate Checkout Last 28 Days

For initiate checkout people I usually make the same offer as I did with the add-to-cart visitors, but with some change of wording.

Sometimes I offer something a little more of value such as a t-shirt because I know that a high percentage of these visitors will convert into purchasers.

Here are the results for a month:

24 sales for £34.24, and just £1.42 per conversion.

On average, I’m saving 43 sales a month by simply having this remarketing system set up via Facebook ads for a minimal cost.

Combine that with the saved sales from abandoned cart emails and you’re well on your way to clawing back a hefty sum of money.

Conclusions About Remarketing

You need to put in the work. It does take time to set these funnels up.

But, once they are set-up, these campaigns are evergreen, meaning that they will keep brining you sales without any more heavy lifting from you. You can then focus on driving quality traffic to your site and they’ll fall into the remarketing funnels automatically.

Want help?

At Flear Marketing we specialize on helping companies with their entire funnel so that they can focus on what they do best. If you have any questions about the techniques I’ve listed above, comment below and I’ll get back to you.

About the author

Scott Flear

Scott Flear is the CEO of Rugby Warfare, a rugby clothing brand. He's been the head of SEO and Performance marketing for several UK companies and runs his own marketing agency, Flear Marketing, which specializes in helping you with your entire marketing funnel with easy-to-follow KPIs and a no-nonsense approach to results.