Top 5 Mistakes that Can Kill Your Personal Training Business

As a personal trainer, you likely have dreams of being successful. You want to help your clients reach their goals while doing what you love to do, and you want to make money doing it. Although the premise sounds simple enough, a few minor faux pas may actually be hurting you. Listed here are the top five mistakes that can kill your personal training business.

Infographic - 5 Mistakes that can kill your personal training business

1 : Selling Yourself Short (or Failing to Sell Yourself at All)

A successful personal trainer is a good salesperson. If you are afraid to sell yourself, you will not go very far in the business. You have to be willing to offer your services to anyone and everyone, and you have to understand that personal training is a competitive market. If someone is looking for a personal trainer and you are not standing by to scoop up that client, rest assured that your competitor certainly is. Analyze your strengths, and do not be afraid to promote yourself.

2 : Failing to Set Yourself Apart

For many clients, a personal trainer is a personal hero. After all, you are the person who will inevitably help them achieve their goals. Create business cards, design a uniform, and perhaps even give swag bags containing water bottles, towels, and t-shirts to all of your new clients. These things make you seem like the professional you are, allowing you to develop a fantastic repertoire for clients.

3 : Working Too Few Hours

Established personal trainers may spend the first half of the day training, the second half of the day marketing, and weekends with their families. While this certainly sounds like a dream lifestyle, it is possible with time. A new personal training business is a 24 hour per day, seven day per week job. Until you have established a solid client base, you need to stay on your toes and market yourself constantly.

4 : Failing to Focus on the Clients (and Potential Clients)

Sometimes, personal trainers involve themselves so deeply in marketing that they forget where their paychecks come from – the clients. It is important to not only get to know your clients, but also their friends, families, and anyone else who may recommend you to a friend or coworker. Your personality will go a long way in your business, so it is important to prove your dedication to your clients by putting the majority of your focus on the people.

5 : Not Following Through with Clever Ideas

Finally, and perhaps the number one mistake that will kill your personal training business, is a failure to follow through on clever ideas. Innovation is critical in crowded industries, and personal training is no exception. If you have an idea for a unique class, a weekly fitness lecture, a 12-week weight loss challenge, or anything else that may appeal to your clients, implement those ideas and then follow through with them. One good idea is all it takes to transform your career.
Personal trainers must focus on their clients and their businesses. At first, this may take up a lot of your time. As a personal trainer, though, you know that hard work produces tangible results. Your business, and therefore your livelihood, is certainly no different.

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