TotalCoaching Feature Update

TotalCoaching Feature Update

Some of you know we’re working on a large update of our software, which will be the next generation of TotalCoaching.

While that update will only come in a few months, we're excited to announce that we're releasing a transition update today.

This update has been designed primarily to prepare the back-end of our current software for the HUGE update that will come later this year. But it wouldn’t be much fun if this was only a back-end update and you couldn't take advantage of some improvements right away. 🙂

The TotalCoaching software has got a new feature update!

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So here is a list of changes you'll see on TotalCoaching starting from now.

Below a tutorial video version of the latest updates.

Improved Nutrition

If you have a look at your supervisor side, you’ll notice that there’s no longer a Nutrition button under your clients’ profiles.

Nutrition Tab Removed

Instead, the Nutrition component is now part of the calendar! This means that from this moment on, everything your client has done is contained within the calendar. No need to look elsewhere.

Ability To Build Nutrition Templates

Prior to this update, in order to apply a meal plan to multiple days of the week, you had to save a meal plan to your favourites, then load that favourite manually onto other days and weeks.

Today since Nutrition items now behave exactly like workouts, you can duplicate them, move them around, and even include them in templates!

Nutrition template

Build Recipes

Our new Recipe Builder will make the process of building custom meals and re-using them later easier than ever!

Recipe Builder

Multiple Calendar Improvements

You’ll also notice quite a few smaller improvements in the way the calendar works.

  • You can now duplicate items for X amount of weeks
  • When you delete an item, you now have the option of deleting only that item, instead of all linked items
  • Etc.

What's Next?

But now to the exciting stuff... As we mentioned above, this update is really a stepping-stone, making the current version of our software compatible with the next generation of TotalCoaching, which will be released later this year.That new generation will contain a massive amount of improvements, including:

  • The replacement of all our current 3D animated exercices with high-resolution 4K videos;
  • The addition of 50% more exercises;
  • A new look for our entire software, now fully branded with your company colours;
  • New Android and iOS apps, which will include ALL features, including the supervisor side;
  • Hundreds of smaller improvements throughout the software!

Hopefully these announcements will make you as excited as we are!

Not using TotalCoaching?

If you're not using TotalCoaching yet and would like to know more about how it could help your PT business, let's chat! We'd be happy to provide you with a demo followed by a free trial. Click below to book the moment that suits you best.

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