What is it that Motivates Personal Trainers?

At the very core of every good personal trainer, you will find a desire and talent for helping others to live the very best life possible, through supporting them in developing and practicing good health habits and being as absolutely fit as possible. Achieving success as a personal trainer requires a great deal of finesse, patience and understanding.

What motivates a personal trainer



A Good Personal Trainer Goes With Personal Experience

It is especially beneficial when a personal trainer has some kind of an experience with a cathartic moment that prompted them or someone they care about to turn their life around by getting in better shape. Often, there is such a story behind many personal trainers you will meet. And often, what initially inspires personal trainers to do what they do is not the reason why they continue to do it, as over time, experience will reveal more motivational reasons to keep plugged in to this very worthy aspiration.

The First Motivation Isn’t Always the Greatest

Sometimes, people who are involved in a variety of athletic pursuits and sports find that there is not as much variety in the jobs to be had, and if they take a job in one particular area of coaching a sport, there are no real opportunities on-site to continue their own strengthening and conditioning… Becoming a personal trainer provides an excellent way to remain inside of the athletic community while staying in shape and helping others to do the same.

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Personal Training Varies According to Age

Personal training career - Everyone is differentSome personal trainers have a strong desire to help kids to get a proper start in life by developing a skill set for long term athletic development, while others prefer to work with adults who either want to add to their existing conditioning or those who have lapsed into a dead zone and need help and encouragement to get back into shape. And then, some personal trainers are in the field because they have a desire to make sure that people get the right information about the proper approach to getting fit, along with doing the right exercises the safe way. There is always a good amount of potentially harmful and injurious information in circulation out there, when it comes to exercise, conditioning and other fitness practices. The best personal trainers realize that everyone is different, and what works for one client may not be the best for another.

Personal Experiences Can Make a Big Impression on a Personal Trainer’s Choice of Career

There are more than a few highly motivated personal trainers who have close friends or family members who are overweight or even obese. Just witnessing all the problems these people experience in their day to day lives can be a strong force to sway someone to focus on improving the health of others, even when it can’t always be those they love the most. Sometimes just watching loved ones struggle with pain, health problems and a greatly reduced quality of life is sufficient motivation for someone to become and remain active as a personal trainer. And many personal trainers want to encourage people as they age to not give up on the concept of fitness by stopping or even putting off exercise. Personal trainers operate from a belief that being physically fit opens a door to greater enjoyment of everything else in life.

What is it that motivates you as a personal trainer? Share your experience below!

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