6 Reasons Why a Personal Trainer is the Only Way to Reach Your Goals

You’ve tried the Atkins diet. You’ve purchased hundreds of dollars’ worth of meal replacement shakes. You even took that pill twice a day for the last three months, and you are still not at your goal. There are a number of reasons for this, but you can overcome them. Here are six reasons why a personal trainer is the only way to reach your goals.

A personal trainer is the only way to reach your goals

They Motivate

The number one reason why people fail to reach their goals, whether they want to lose weight, build strength, or maximize their endurance, is because they lack the sufficient amount of motivation to do so. Often, people want to see results with the least amount of effort possible; unfortunately, that is not how physical fitness works. Fitness requires discipline, dedication, and time; most people don’t have either of these. That’s where the personal trainer steps in.

They Update

Although your training plan may suit you right now, it may not suit you in three months. Your personal situation might change. Maybe you pulled a hamstring. Maybe you got a promotion at work and have less time on your hands. Nothing ever really goes as planned. A personal trainer works with these changes and updates your fitness program according to your goals and needs of the moment. With a trainer, your programs is never set in stone.

They’re in Your Schedule

Time is not something you have. Time is something you take. But after going to work, picking up the kids, cooking meals, and doing a bit of cleaning up, it seems as if each day goes by with barely a minute to spare. That’s why you need a trainer right in your schedule, for example every Tuesday at 4:30PM. That way, you end up planning your daily tasks around that scheduled workout, rather than trying to do the opposite.

They Cost Money

You work hard for your money. If you spend a chunk of it on a service, you’ll probably make sure that your money is well spent. What’s special about fitness is that you’re the one doing all the heavy lifting (literally). So if you invest money in a personal trainer, isn’t it more likely that you’ll be more consistent and hard-working than if you were working out through a free app download on your phone? Most probably.

They Motivate… again

Motivation again. It’s the foundation of a fitness program that works, and while there are all kinds of apps, computer programs, and support groups that will help you track your progress and provide suggestions, your phone will not knock on your door at your scheduled time and motivate you to put on your running shoes. Your computer is not going to tell you what a great job you are doing (or if it does, just knowing that these kind words come from a computer will deflate their effect). Your support group does not fully understand how hard you have worked to reach your goals. That’s your personal trainer’s job. Your trainer actually cares about your progress; that’s what you need.

They’re Nice to Look at 🙂

You gotta admit it : they sure know how to rock that squat machine.

All in all, while some people may be able to reach their fitness goals without a personal trainer, why take the chance ? A physical trainer has dedicated his or her life to fitness, and they give you motivation that you just can’t get any other way. (Did we mention they’re hot?) They care about you as a person and they will work with you to develop a program that fits your goals, your abilities, and your schedule.

Over to you! Do you think a personal trainer is the only way to reach your goals? Leave a comment below!

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David Gill

First Nation member, retired high-level runner, founder of TotalCoaching.com. David is passionate about making physical activity part of everyone's life, starting with his own family.