4 Reasons Why Instagram Marketing Is Your Best Source for New Clients

The goal is to get more clients right? Well, to do so, you will need to first build up an audience.

You can’t expect to have clients come flocking to your website if you don’t have a platform to build up this audience. So the real question is, which platform should you invest your time into: Facebook? Email? Google Ads? Twitter?

(Hint: The answer is in the title… duh)

Instagram Marketing

Before we get into all the details about Instagram’s platform and why it is so important for personal trainers, let’s first dive into your options for marketing your business.

So You Want to Get More Clients: Which Marketing Channels Should You Spend Your Time With?

The goal of a marketing channel is to drive traffic to your website so that you can acquire clients. So the real question is, which platform will bring in the most highly targeted traffic?

Blogging: The problem with blogging is it takes time, and if you can’t figure out SEO, good luck. The upside is huge, but it just takes time and patience to see the payoff.

Facebook: With Facebook, unless you are promoting every post (which costs $$$) your organic reach is less than 2%, therefore you can't expect much website traffic generation. (Side note: you will have way better luck using Facebook ads that send traffic directly to your site, instead of trying to grow a fan page. The value of a "like" is very limited these days).

Twitter: Twitter's problem is its user base is slowing down and the engagement doesn’t compare to other social media platforms. In some industries (e.g. tech), it may still work very well, but it shouldn't be your #1 option in the fitness space.

Snapchat: The problem with Snapchat is that it's still in its infancy. While the potential is huge, you will need another platform to grow your audience at this point in time.

Instagram: Which is what I’m here to talk to you about.

4 Reasons Why Instagram Marketing Is Best for Personal Trainers

The following are 4 reasons why Instagram marketing will boost your clientele more than any other platform:

1. Instagram has over 600 million users

As of 2017, Instagram is the dominating social media platform. 53% of Instagram users are 18-29 years old and 25% are 30-49.  You wouldn't want to miss out on the huge market available especially since your target demographic is there.

Instagram demographics

2. Engagement is 58 times more than Facebook’s

Engagement is crucial for a business because if no one engages with your brand, there is a high chance that no one cares about you. Instagram users average 4.2 billion likes per day. So why not get on a platform that already promotes engagement.

IG engagement versus facebook

3. 75% of users take action, such as visiting a website

This is great news for all businesses on Instagram. Not only are users highly engaged, but they also take action, which is crucial.

You can have the biggest audience in the world but if they do not take action, don’t opt-in for your email or visit your website, then it does not matter.

This is why Instagram truly does matter.

IG users take action

4. 100% of Instagram content is visual

To acquire a client, the prospect must first see you as an expert in the field who knows what you're talking about. What better way to show this than with a couple of shirtless selfies or epic workout videos on the gram?

What Can You Do Today?

This doesn’t have to be a lot of work either. Here are the 3 steps I recommend you follow to get started today:

  • Create your Instagram account in 5 minutes or less
  • Commit to posting one picture per day for the next month
  • Commit to following 10 other Insta users each day

That's it. 

Posting one picture and following 10 users will take just a few minutes per day and will have your account buzzing within a month. It’s easy, quick, and fun.

What Sort of Content Should You Post on Instagram?

You've created your account. You're posting pictures each day. You're connecting with other Insta users. But, is there a better way to optimize your content so that you can attract new followers and clients?

Yes! Watch this video for some super-easy and actionable Instagram content tips specifically for personal trainers:

Video Recap:

Content Tip #1: Post very shot clips showing the best parts of your services. For example, show a 5 to 10-second video from your recent boot camp class. 

Content Tip #2: Don't worry about hashtags. Instead, include as many tags of your clients and followers (i.e. use the "@" symbol) so that they are more likely to re-post your content.

Content Tip #3: Use an application like Photogrid to include more people in each one of your picture posts. Again, this allows you to tag each person, thereby increasing the sharability of your content. (Just be sure to ask for your clients' permission before you post their image online)

Content Tip #4: Post workout stats. Pump up your clients who are kicking butt in your classes or using your services. Did someone get a PB lift or PB time? Post it. Brag about your clients and they will love the attention. Once again, this increases the likelihood that they will share.

Content Tip #5: Post real before and after pictures. This goes without saying. Just do it!

Content Tip #6: Show real meals that you've prepared. It doesn't have to elaborate. In fact, for most people, simpler is better. Just remind your followers that healthy eating isn't that difficult.

Content Tip #7: Post a "like if" picture or quick video. For example, "like if you're going to drink 3 litres of water today." These posts are great for engagement and for building your authority as someone who people know, like, and trust.


All personal trainers should focus their time and money on Instagram. You don't want to miss out on this huge opportunity since most of your target audience already spends their time on this platform.

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, I recommend you check out my free training video called 8 Ways Online Personal Trainers Can Get More Clients Through Instagram. It has everything you need to begin Instagram marketing successfully with your business.

I know there are lots of areas you can invest your marketing time and money, and Instagram may seem like just another one to add to the list. But, Insta is proven to work, especially in the fitness industry, so don’t sleep on this opportunity.

Create your account, post a pic, and start following.

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About the author

Nicholas Sacco

Nicholas Sacco is the CEO and Social Media Advisor at www.mediagainz.com. Media Gainz helps fitness brands get more clients through Instagram marketing.