Online Personal Training vs At-the-Gym Personal Training: Which is Best?

Training in a gym is the traditional way to get in shape, but the modern hectic lifestyle can sometimes make that impossible. To help ease the time crunch that so many people find themselves dealing with, fitness gym software such as the TotalCoaching app allows you to get the training you need anywhere and at any time.
However, is an online app the way to go? Here’s a list of the advantages that each training method provides.

Online personal training vs At-the-gym personal training


Advantages of At-the-Gym Training

Going to the gym allows you face-to-face interaction with a personal trainer and sometimes a team of trainers. It means that you have direct access to high-tech fitness equipment without having to invest a large up-front cost. As you train more frequently, exercise becomes a part of your everyday routine and thus something you are unlikely to miss.

The personal contact with trainers and gym buddies can also be extremely helpful when it comes to making sure that you are getting the best workout experience possible. These other people can help push you and provide you with personal advice and motivation that you might not get somewhere else.

Advantages of Online Personal Training

Research has demonstrated that fitness club software can be effective at making sure that people get the exercise they need. Because the software sends periodic reminders and provides helpful advice, it can keep people motivated when they would normally forget. That means that the level of accountability offered by a physical gym is still there, but the mobility allowed by the software offers the chance to remain mindful of fitness throughout the day.

A training software also offers a wider range of different activities – because the users aren’t bound to a gym, they can go for long runs over rough terrain, engage in sports, and perform all manner of exercise that a gym normally wouldn’t allow.

Which Choice is Better?

Neither online personal training nor at-the gym training should be discounted when it comes to weighing your fitness options. Both offer a lot of advantages, and actually the best option is for you to combine both, as it will guarantee you optimum results.

On one hand, at-the-gym personal training allows you to train with your coach in person. Having your personal trainer be physically there pushing you certainly boosts your motivation and makes sure you’re doing your exercises the right way. It gives you also access to all of the gym’s various and modern equipment.

On the other hand, online personal training allows you to stay on track with your program while you’re not at the gym with your personal trainer. It allows you also to keep in touch with your coach wherever you are, and even when you’re not in front of a computer. Finally, online personal training combines multiple features like a nutrition log that helps you with your diet, reporting that shows your progress in real time, a forum allowing you to share your experience with others and be part of a community, and so on.

So which one do you think is best? Share your opinion below!

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